10 Best Outdoor Games To Play On The Road

At the start of each year I try my best to relocate what’s not required to the local dump or better yet, a charity shop. This year hasn’t stopped me from consigning a pile of ‘stuff’ to the ‘out’ pile. If anything, I’ve done more decluttering.

Of course in a tiny home, space really is a premium. Still, it’s easy to collect extra bits and bobs along the way, which you really don’t need. If you play your cards right you can make a little bit of money for your trouble – think eBay, Gumtree and even car-boot sales (once they reopen!).

After board games last week, I thought it only fair to discuss the best outdoor fun and games to be had whilst out on the road. You might think it optimistic right now, but here’s a rundown of our 10 best outdoor games to play on the road. 

French Cricket

Why the name ‘French’ Cricket? It appears it came about initially as an insult to a cricketers’ ability (as well as the French!) But regardless of the name, the beauty of this game is you only need a bat, and a ball. More players = more fun, This game doesn’t take itself seriously and doesn’t require much space. ‘Ow Zat?!

10 Best Outdoor Games To Play On The Road

Boule / Pétanque / Bocce

My Pétanque passion is a love borne of countless summer evenings in France watching cantankerous Frenchmen throwing metal balls about in the village square.

Boules, Pétanque and Bocce are all similar. They are easy for everyone to play (not just grumpy old men), pretty much anywhere flat. Throw or roll your balls closest to the jack – that’s it. There are lots of different techniques to do so, some more stylish than others!

10 Best Outdoor Games To Play On The Road


It might have a bit of a stuffy image, but croquet is fun, and each game is endlessly unique. Although the equipment takes up a bit of space and weight, it is the sort of easy-going affair which can be played harmlessly with new friends and neighbours. Careful with the mallets and children though, however tempting it might be!


Frisbees are great to play with kids when you need to wear them out a bit. Just ‘accidentally’ overthrow the frisbee, they really can go a long way these days! KanJam is a gamified version, you have to throw the frisbee into a can. So simple, yet lots of low stress fun and excitement ensues.  

Throw Throw Burrito 

This outdoor version of the popular game is as bonkers as it sounds – match jumbo-sized cards to win, all whilst dodging 3-foot inflatable burritos. This game never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s faces as well as the need to get up and be active. Probably suited to a more energetic crowd and families.

10 Best Outdoor Games To Play On The Road


Another classic I just had to include. There are many similar variations, but at heart badminton is simple and easy enough for anyone to play without the need to be too athletic. You can play with or without a net, depending on how seriously you take it.

Beat That 

Beat that is like every single drinking game rolled up in one, without the need to drink. There are 160 simple games which use just balls, cups, counters, and your own bodies. This game offers great value with so many different challenges that you will never get bored. Hard to beat for originality and frivolity. Just what you need when living the vanlife!

10 Best Outdoor Games To Play On The Road

Giant Pass the Pigs 

Who remembers pass the pigs, the simple but addictive game where you try to land high-scoring pig combinations? Now you can do the same, but with real piglet-sized versions. These inflatable pigs can be tossed anywhere, without risking injury. Pass the pigs is the perfect way to pass the time. Now get makin’ bacon!

Don’t Get Got

Don’t get got can be played anytime, whilst you are doing anything. Your secret mission is to get your fellow players to do whatever you want them to. Unleash your inner spy and utilise all your Vanlife to play this sneaky and exciting communication game. You would think kids excel at this, but some adults are even more devious!

Be Creative! With frozen T-shirt’s & Cereal boxes

Finally, there are loads of ‘parlour’ type games you can play, without the need to buy anything at all. Often, it’s a case of, the simpler, the better. 

The cereal box game is a firm family favourite – pick up the empty box from the floor with just your teeth. The box gets smaller and the challenge gets harder. Advantage all you Yogis!

The Frozen T-shirt game requires a bit of prep. Soak and freeze t-shirts in advance, then see who can put them back on quickest. This one is best played in summer, and definitely using well-worn shirts. Discover your hidden levels of ingenuity.

Finally, I came across this one online and had to add it. It looks so much fun. Turns out those from the Philippines are pretty experienced when it comes to party games. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Eating bread challenge!

It may sound trite, but active and outdoor fun and games are a great way to stay healthy, break from the monotony of indoors and work, which was as good a reason as any to list our 10 Best Outdoor Games To Play On The Road. They’re also a great way to release your inner child!

10 Best Indoor Games To Play On The Road

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