5 Ways Gratitude Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

ways gratitude can improve your quality of life

Saying “thank you” for what we’re grateful for might sound simple enough, but the sad truth is that not many people practice this on a regular basis, let alone daily. Focusing on what you have leads you to start finding more evidence to support the fact that you are enough and will introduce you to a world of abundance, possibilities, power and opportunities. Here are 5 Ways Gratitude Can Improve Your Quality Of Life.

#1. Gratitude Increases Overall Happiness

When you take a moment to think about everything you have in your life, it makes you feel good, right? How? By concentrating on what makes you happy – focus on yourself, what do you like to do and controlling your thoughts. Don’t take anything for granted. Be thankful for what you have, there are others out there who aren’t as lucky as you! After all, everything you need you have.

#2. Gratitude Breeds Gratitude

Saying thank you to somebody else will make them feel good about themselves to and you can’t put a price on gratitude.  When people like and appreciate you, they tend to be more trusting and open which results in better relationships with everyone!

#3. Gratitude Makes You Less Self-Centered

We generally think of self-centered people as being obsessed with themselves and stuck in their own orbit, with no regard for others or sense of gratitude, just entitlement and what’s in it for them. Practicing gratitude makes you more self-aware and therefore more outwardly centred which makes you more accepting of others. But being self-centred can also manifest itself in obsessing over what others think of you – get out of your own lane. The moment I stopped and decided to focus on things I was good at instead, this changed.How? By finding and doing what I love to do, learning more about those things and sharing that interest with likeminded others every day. 

#4. Gratitude Reduces Envy

Envy is a double-edged emotion. Positively employed, envy can be used as a motivator to try and improve your life or strive to be like somebody you admire. When it’s felt negatively, feelings of insecurity and inferiority can destroy your happiness. Don’t spend your time comparing yourself to others. Instead, practice gratitude and be happy for other peoples’ ‘success’ as chances are, they’ll have a different definition of what success means to them. 

#5. Gratitude Increases Optimism

Make gratitude a daily part of your life by noting down all the things you’re grateful – you’ll be surprised by how many seemingly ‘small’ things you can come up with. This in turn will help to make you more optimistic and have a more positive outlook in life. And when you make gratitude a daily habit and start recognising how great your life is, you’ll to start to find more and more evidence to support that fact.

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