Airbnb Top Hosting Tips

Like many people, we’re enjoying the passive income opportunity that being an Airbnb host can offer. It’s been a learning curve and I wanted to share the Airbnb Top Hosting Tips that we have found invaluable.

Airbnb Top Hosting Tips #1: Manage expectations

You’re never going to please everybody, but it’s important to be honest about what you’re offering, otherwise, you won’t live up to your own promises. Take on board the company’s Airbnb Top Hosting Tips and suggestions to help improve your listing(s) and try and pre-empt your guests’ needs – the less they have to ask for the better.

Airbnb Top Hosting Tips #2: Complete flexibility

Can you rent out one room, several rooms or the whole house? Is there scope for different offerings, purposes, guest appeal, e.g. commuter/professional vs. student or short-term lodger? There’s always room for improvement.

Airbnb Top Hosting Tips #3: Don’t launch until you’re ready

Never go live until you’re ready as all you’ll succeed in doing is disappointing your first guests who could leave unfavorable reviews for potential future guests. It’s a waste of time having lovely pillowcases and towels if the bed is uncomfortable or tastefully decorated dinner plates but not enough cutlery.

Airbnb Top Hosting Tips #4: Keep an eye on the competition

Potential guests will comparison shop. What do your closest competitors offer, e.g. discounts on weekly or monthly bookings? Do they charge cleaning fees? There are people who will book a new Airbnb host with a low average nightly price if they’ve spent time on their listing so do your homework.

Airbnb Top Hosting Tips #5: Make the effort to be friendly and approachable

Ask a friend or family member to greet your guests on arrival. Better still, opt for co-hosting. But if you don’t think you can be nice, maybe hosting isn’t for you. Bad reviews are more likely to be left for non-personable or communicative hosts. Say hello, check how their stay is, etc.

Airbnb Top Hosting Tips #6: Public forums are not the place for disputes

Like all customer service, it’s about how you resolve problems if/when they occur. Either explain the situation or offer a solution for improvement. If you receive a bad review, take on board what the guest is saying and try and learn from it. In private is fine, but don’t show your annoyance online and only offer diplomatic responses.

Airbnb Top Hosting Tips #7: If you’re planning on having lodgers, read on

In 2016 the UK government increased the threshold for its rent a room scheme and you can now earn up to £7,500 tax-free per year. Don’t let the spare room gather dust and lie empty – it’s dormant extra income.

Do you have any other Airbnb Top Hosting Tips you’d like to share in the comments box below? Great, I’d love to hear what they are!

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