Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker: A Review

Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker

Credit: Amazon

Anker Your Sound System With A Great Bluetooth Speaker

I just feel compelled to share our experience of the Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker with you lovely people. It boasts 10w limited output, stereo sound, a rich bass, a 20 metre Bluetooth range and a built-in microphone. Read on for more goodies….

We felt very lucky to receive the Bose wireless speaker we put on our wedding gift list back in 2015. Some of our lovely friends clubbed together to buy it for us. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth connection rarely worked and it didn’t hold its charge very well (at all). It was also really difficult to disconnect a device and connect a new one. If you’ve experienced this issue, you’ll appreciate the frustration it can cause.

Enter the Anker SoundCore 2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker
Credit: Amazon

My brother-in-law recommended a Bluetooth Speaker which also happened to be a third of the price of our Bose Bluetooth Speaker (you were talking my language, Jonnie). 

And we haven’t looked back. We’ve had the Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Speaker for several years now without any issues whatsoever. It even played our tunes when we were camping in the hot French sun three summers ago, without needing a recharge the whole two weeks. 

I felt guilty for selling it (sorry, guys :-)), but we live in a tiny home so space is at a premium. And, if the speaker hadn’t sold we’d have given it away rather than see it go to landfill, quite frankly. 

We recently bought a converted campervan which has a crap sound system, so we even put it on the dashboard and play Spotify through it from our iPhones. 

The Anker SoundCore is really reasonably priced as it comes in at under £30.00, which is ridiculously cheap in my opinion. 

Here are the Core Features:

  • Astonishing Sound
  • 24-Hour Playtime
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Up to 20m range
  • Drop-Proof
  • Lightweight Design
  • Built-In Mic

And Here’s The Techie Bit:

Astonishing Stereo Sound

The speaker’s deep bass is delivered with exceptional clarity. The SoundCore combines superior sound with excellent 24-Hour Battery Life, resulting in speakers which really put your music first.

Effortless Connectivity With Bluetooth 4.2 

Ensures instant pairing and maintains a rock-solid connection for flawless streaming. Bluetooth 4.0 ensures your devices maintain a strong, stable connection up to 20 metres away for skip-free music.

High-Efficiency Li-ion Battery

This provides 24 hours of sublime audio. The only time we have ever lost connectivity is when the battery has needed charging. 

Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker

Credit: Amazon

Enjoy Universal Usage No Matter What

This speaker connects with Alexa-enabled devices as well as smartphones, tablets and almost any other Bluetooth-enabled device. 

Reconnects To The Last Device Used For Instant Music Playback

Whilst our Bose Bluetooth Speaker also had this functionality, it was always difficult to disconnect it and connect to a different device, so this is something we really appreciate in the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker. 

Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker

Credit: Amazon

Ergonomic And Robust Design

The Anker SoundCore is made of really sturdy stuff with a robust rubber outer shell which makes it drop-proof. Yet it’s simultaneously very lightweight so easy to carry around. Its curved edges and sleek controls also accentuate its design. You can also choose from red, blue or black to perfectly complement your home and style.

Zero Distortion Even At High Volumes

This speaker’s two full-range, high-sensitivity drivers, a patented bass port, and a fine-tuned Digital Signal Processor present music with rousing highs and deep lows. Even at high volumes, there’s less harmonic distortion resulting in remarkable clarity

Peace Of Mind

You don’t just have to take my word for it. The Anker SoundCore bluetooth speaker ranks 4.5/5.0 on Amazon. Considering this is also based on 24,370 ratings, I think that’s mightily impressive but not surprising given this speaker’s performance. 

Two upgrades have actually been released since we purchased this speaker, although this version is still widely available to purchase online. We’re very happy with ours and it still continues to receive top reviews on Amazon (at the time of writing this review), but I will leave it to you to judge which version best suits your own needs. 

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