How We Succeeded With Our Campervan’s First Makeover

Irene The Campervan's First Makeover
I’m aware these are going to sound like first world problems. But if this campervan is going to be our second home and then our actual home at some point, the space has to work for us and have our stamp on it. And there’s a lot we will change.
From removing the TV/DVD player above the bed that we don’t use and constantly gets in the way. And you have to remember to move it out of the way whenever you want to lift the bed. Which has a very handy hydraulic lift with storage underneath.
Besides, we have our laptops to play DVD’s on. We’ve got the cushion Irene made for us as a wedding present. She used a wedding photo as a silhouette and sewed a VW Splittie on the front of it. Complete with teal wedding ribbon like we had on the day made from embroidery thread.
And then there’s the interiors, starting with a rug for the floor. God only knows why the previous owner wanted to cover up the lovely wooden floor and with beige mats.
But I guess that’s the difference in taste between a man in his seventies and a young, hip thing like me, ha ha! But I’ll be replacing them with one long, colorful rug and also getting a rug for outside which will also fit nicely under the awning. Ah yes, the awning. It looks like something you’d find in a child’s nursery or an ice-cream parlor so that would be good to change at some point.
But if this campervan is going to be our second home then our actual home at some point, the space has to work for us and have our stamp on it. Besides, most of these changes won’t happen until we have more money.
But now that we’ve finally got the house rented to tenants and hopefully long-term. So we’ll have the residual income to make these changes in time. Sure, we’ll be living on baked potatoes for some time to come after buying the van. 
But however hard up we get as long as we can afford to put fuel in the van, we’re good to go. And we can use it year-round as it has an oven and heating. Which when traveling around a country with a lot of rainfall and unpredictable weather, is the icing on the cake.
What have been your van makeover highs, lows and challenges? I’d love to hear in the comments below. In the meantime, happy vanlifing!

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