Chamomile: In The Dye Of The Beholder

image of pile of chamomile leaves

In this blog post, I want to discuss the benefits of chamomile natural hair colorant, although chamomile flowers have many wonderful properties.

Did you know….?

Many countries cultivate it for medicinal and cosmetic use but chamomile was originally indigenous to Britain. The Chamomile plant will bring out the natural colour of blond hair and add brighter highlights to light brown hair. Europe.

My hair has been chemically-enhanced for 25+ years despite inadvertently dyeing my fringe pink at the age of 14. Oh, and an ill-advised period of bleach and lemon juice during my 20’s. This hasn’t sat comfortably with me for some time but I was scared to try something different. Then I read more and more about the benefits of chamomile natural hair colorant.

Natural Beauty: Making & Using Pure and Simple Beauty Productsimage of book cover Pure & Simple: The Natural Look For Your Hair

This book has sat on my bookshelf since my Mum gave it to me for Christmas in my early 20’s. But I only recently tried one of the chamomile natural hair colorant recipes. Whilst I was given this book quite a long time ago it is still available to purchase on Amazon.


Indus Valley Chamomile Natural Hair Colourantimage of box of chamomile natural hair colourant

The results of this were amazing. Purchasing it regularly really does tick so many boxes. Sustainability, cruelty-free, chemical-free, natural ingredients while simultaneously dyeing my hair, so happy days! And, if that wasn’t enough, my hair is smoother than it has been in months.

That’s not to say that I won’t also use the Natural Beauty chamomile natural hair colorant recipe again. But next time I’ll increase the chamomile flowers as I’m pretty sure I got the ratio of borax wrong. And, I know that chamomile’s natural dyeing properties are as old as the hills.

Which natural products have you found that work for you?

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