Embracing Digital Minimalism: My Social Media Purge

Digital Minimalism: My Social Media Purge Digital Minimalism has been an integral part of my quest to rediscover my authentic self. I’m not a prolific poster, but an extensive social media purge is crucial to digital minimalism. That isn’t to say it’s been a breeze. It has really been a gradual process which when I think back had been starting to happen organically. Over the years I have engaged less and less and shared little personal information. Instead, I have mainly posted/shared mainly newspaper articles/feature stories, petitions, information/news from causes I am passionate about, posts about animals, etc.

Twitter - Digital Minimalism: My Social Media PurgeDigital Minimalism Task #1:  Twitter

I recently deleted all but 39 relevant Twitter followers from a list of several thousand I’d curated over a three-year period. I also deleted those I followed with the exception of those I felt to be relevant, useful or inspiring. This has enabled me to wipe the slate clean and start afresh, rather than deleting my old account altogether.

Digital Minimalism Task #2:  LinkedIn

I decided to only stay connected with those I’d either met in person or who’ve been supportive of my endeavors. This has eliminated the number of unsolicited ‘salesy’ messages I receive from those I’m no longer connected with!

Digital Minimalism Task #3:  Facebook

I have decided only to follow/be friends with those people on Facebook who make me feel good about myself. This aspect of digital minimalism has been on my to-do list for a long time. Mainly because I’m a pretty private person (hence no Facebook profile link in this post/on this website!).

Generation X

As with many of my generation, I’ve used Facebook longer than any other social media channel. I can only suppose that I must have more of an emotional attachment to it. Why I didn’t detox this digital dominator even longer ago is no doubt down to a number of reasons, not least of all FOMO  (fear of missing out) syndrome. I have also changed a great deal as a person. So, when I am sent those anniversary posts Facebook is oh so fond of, I really cringe! It just sounds so self-indulgent and curated, With that in mind, genuine friends & family and causes I follow or feel passionately about have stayed. Those people I consider to be acquaintances or ‘friends of friends’ have stayed. And my self-esteem is much more robust – not accepting friend requests because I feel flattered!
Digital Minimalism to free up time and headspace has surely got to be Hootsuite scheduling. This is something I do have a head start on, having been a social media manager & trainer in a former life. I highly recommend the platform to anybody looking to adopt digital minimalism?
Is there anything in this post which resonates with you? What Digital Minimalism processes have you introduced to your own life?

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