Frugal Fortnight (February 2018)

frugal fortnight 2018

Fairtrade Fortnight has inspired me to write the first in a series of frugality feats  – our very own Frugal Fortnight. I am very proud to feature what I have managed following years of feeling encumbered by clutter.

1.  Weekly Housekeeping Cash Budget: Frugal Fortnight

I’m enjoying adhering to Frugal Fortnight! I’ve stuck to our budget by only withdrawing a set amount of cash each week and keeping any spare change for the following week. Read more about how I achieved this and a breakdown of our groceries spreadsheet.

2.  Decluttering DVDs and CD: Frugal Fortnight

Well, the husband’s DVDs anyway. I got rid of the vast majority of mine back in November. This time around, I’ve used the same approach and listed the higher value DVDs on Amazon and traded the remainder in for a £10.00 payout.

As far as the CDs are concerned, these are much harder to part with. So I didn’t, with the exception of a handful that I rarely or never listened to anymore. In my opinion, CDs are a different animal as they don’t take up nearly as much space and we do still listen to most of them, at least I will do until we replace my husband’s 20-year-old+ stereo system….

3.  Shelving My Books: Frugal Fortnight

Well, some of them anyway. I’m a voracious reader and would not have parted with so many books in a million years. I’ve thought about, and thought about it, and thought about it over the past couple of years and finally came to the conclusion that as with my DVDs, most of those I opted to get rid of had been carted back and forth to the various storage units we’ve had over the years.

And, as with my DVDs, the majority have sat on the bookshelf collecting dust. They are a permanent reminder of how much money I’ve spent on them over the years, particularly those I’ve never even read or barely even thumbed through. It was time for them to go the way of the DVDs as part of February’s Frugal Fortnight.

4.  Savings Table: Frugal Fortnight

This is the money I’ve made from this Frugal Fortnight’s declutter which I’m really proud. No doubt more will follow but it’s a good starting point and will go towards our summer holiday.

Amazon Books £29.99
Cash Converters DVDs £10.00
We Buy Books Books £3.13
Ziffit Books, DVDs & CDs £17.54
Mazuma Mobile iPad (x1) & iPhones (x3) £99.00
Music Magpie Nintendo DS & Games £1.75

5. Performed a Technology Lobotomy: Frugal Fortnight

My husband upgraded his iPad a couple of years ago. Since then, his old tablet has been gathering dust alongside several iPhones. Once he was persuaded it was a good idea (particularly as it’s paid for the campsite for our summer holiday), it was very easy.

Unlike books, the decision to get rid of them came easily. I do wonder why this was though. Is it because I have less of an emotional attachment to technology? Or perhaps they were pretty old and decrepit and no longer serving our needs? Or was it because they were higher value items that didn’t sell for anywhere near the substantial sum of money (collectively) that we paid for them? I suspect it was a combination of things, but one thing will never be in question – it feels great!

6. Touching Up Our Technology: Frugal Fortnight

I have no problem with upgrading technology, in fact, I’d much rather see our old tech be reused than relegated to the household dump. Not that contributing to landfill is something we would do without good reason. I say that as my husband is a tradesman and ridding his van of waste for the next job is a necessary evil, but something we’re looking into changing if possible.

7. Stick to the Weekly Housekeeping Cash Budget: Frugal Fortnight

I’ve come in under budget again for Frugal Fortnight by only withdrawing a set amount of cash for the week and coming home with change! What have you managed to do to be frugal in your household? I’d love to hear your success stories!

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