How Can I Earn A Living In A Campervan?

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Ready to take the big leap and give up most of your possessions so you can travel?

If so, you can become the ultimate nomad and make a living in a van. The one thing that may be stopping you from turning your dreams into reality is that you are still trying to figure out how you can support yourself. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can bring in an income if you choose to live in a van.


Here are 10 suggested online jobs you can do from anywhere:

1.  Writer
If you have a passion for storytelling or creating online content, then why not be a writer. Many businesses need blog posts created that they can put on their website. You can also offer resume writing services to individuals as well. You can easily turn your passion for writing into a steady income stream by creating quality content in a timely manner.

2.  Photographer
Many photographers travel great distances in order to make a living in a van. They take pictures of everything from weddings to graduations and birthday celebrations. If you have a knack for taking photos, this may be the perfect career for you and something you can do on the road, even incorporating your clients’ locations into your route.

3.  Audio Transcriber
Believe it or not, there are many small businesses who still require a transcriber of audio documents. If you have fast typing skills and great attention to detail, you may love working as a transcriber. You can potentially make good money doing this from your van as long as you continuously produce quality transcriptions.

4.  Virtual Assistant
In the digital age, virtual assistants are more in demand than ever before. Many business owners, particularly solopreneurs, would rather pay somebody else with the skillset for this role because they can’t afford to hire an assistant, they work online themselves and don’t have a physical office or simply don’t want the responsibility of an employee and the overheads this also entails. Virtual assistant tasks are very varied, ranging from anything answering the phone, sending out emails or ordering products, social media account management to bookkeeping, depending on the needs of the business owner. Since virtual assistants work remotely, you can easily make a living in a van as a virtual assistant.


5.  Teacher
If you have a passion for helping others and spreading your knowledge, you may want to consider becoming an online teacher. Online teachers do tend to have set hours, and you will need to be able to successfully use video-streaming applications in order to communicate with your students.

6.  Social Media Manager
In the digital age, most businesses have one or more social media accounts (and if they don’t, they need to). For many however, managing these accounts can be very challenging. This is why they hire social media managers to engage with their customers and target markets online, scheduling posts respond to messages and more, so this is an ideal occupation for somebody looking to make a living in a van.

7.  Bookkeeper
Are you good with numbers? Do you like managing money and using spreadsheets? If so, then you should consider being a bookkeeper. You can potentially earn a steady income by providing this type of service to other businesses to others, and you can usually set your own hours as well, which is obviously ideal if you want to make a living in a van.


8.  Life Coach
If you feel as if you are able to objectively offer others advice and help guide them, then becoming a life coach may be a great career for you. There are numerous courses that you can take online to get certified. Once you complete all of the necessary educational requirements, you can start helping others no matter where you are.

9.  e-Commerce Business Owner
Many digital nomads have items that they make and sell, including everything from crafts to food and drink. You can easily turn your hobby into a potential source of income by creating an online shop to sell these items. However, as you’ll obviously have a limited amount of space, creating larger items like paintings probably won’t be very realistic. Smaller items like jewelry or candles won’t take up that much space as long as you don’t create too many pieces at one time.

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