Financial Freedom Means Delimiting Your Money Beliefs

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Learn how to reset your money beliefs and find financial freedom. Neither your boss nor the government is going to take care of you…

Wealthy people are greedy, money is the root of all evil, money is not important, starting a business is risky, time is money….

Do you hold any of these common beliefs about money?

If the answer’s yes, you’re setting yourself up for a tough financial journey. If you believe that rich people are greedy and you despise greedy people, how can you become something you feel contempt for? You’ll always sabotage your success in order stay consistent with how you want to see yourself.

When it comes to money, we’re conditioned from a very young age by our environment. We model our parents’ beliefs, we conform to the norms of society, we learn how to think and act via the media. We act based on past programming. We do all of that and then justify our behavior.

Before you set about creating financial freedom, examine the stories you tell yourself about money and wealth. Once you know what’s holding you back, create new empowering beliefs and expand them step-by-step. Push the boundaries of your beliefs around money little by little, until you’ve reached your ultimate goal.

Most often when we think about wealth it’s in terms of money

People who earn substantial amounts of money are considered wealthy in western society. But what we tend to overlook is that most people are dependent on their job alone for high income, a job from which they might be laid off, only to be left with mounting bills and growing debt.

I had the same money mindset and played the 9 to 5 game for years, but I needed a mindset shift in order to embrace passive income and see the value of true wealth.

Whilst money can be our starting point for building wealth, real wealth is created from assets that generate regular positive cash-flow. A successful online business is designed to be automated (i.e. it works without constant supervision), can be scaled and go up in value, reduces debt and is profit-making. This is a perfect example of a wealth-building asset.

Don’t rely on your job alone. Take the time and ask yourself what passive income from an online business you can start building right now. It’s time to give up on the idea that your boss, the government or somebody else is going to take care of you in times of financial trouble.

So many of the life sentences we impose on ourselves limit our possibilities and our potential:
  • Maybe you’ve worked for money most of your life but been afraid to ask for a well-deserved pay rise?
  • Maybe you’ve stayed in a dead-end job rather than investing the time and energy in creating one for yourself?
  • Maybe you avoid managing your money because the reality of the numbers says something you don’t want to hear?
  • Maybe your financial fears keep you from asserting yourself?
  • Maybe you’re afraid to talk about money in your relationship?

Starting an online business is one of the most fulfilling ventures you can look forward to. And online businesses are on the rise due to the opportunities online. It’s about shifting your mindset from employee to entrepreneur.

“Money carries the power and intention we give it. Endow it with your stand. Empower it to change the dream” (Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money)

Learn how to reset your money beliefs and find financial freedom. Neither your boss nor the government is going to take care of you…

So shift your mindset, shape your future with an online business. The M Word Doesn’t Have To Be Dirty…

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