Omnia Oven Review – Ideal for Campervans, Caravans and Motorhomes

Omnia Oven
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The Omnia Oven is three components, it’s compact and light. If your van doesn’t have an oven, it’s the gadget you don’t hit the road without! 

For just £46.00 for the basic device, you have a simple but ingenious oven alternative which can operate on a gas hob or any other stovetop oven solution. 

Omnia – the one true vanlife cooking essential

The Omnia Oven is made up of just three essential components, and within minimal size and weight considerations – 812g, this is a timeless gadget you should not leave your tiny home without!

  • Capacity: 2 litres.
  • Dimensions (W x H): 250 x 140 mm.
  • Weight: 500 g.
  • Gross weight: 812 g

Admittedly, Irene has an oven, but it’s quite small and can heat the van up a bit too much during the summer months. And you can’t drag it out for a bit of alfresco cooking! For something so dependable, the technology and premise is gloriously simple.

Omnia Oven Review
Credit: Amazon

The Omnia Oven has two donut dishes, one to heat and the other to fill with your tasty dinner and a flat lid. That’s it! Place the Omnia Oven on your heat source, and this will cook the bottom of your dish. The donut design allows heat to rise through the hole in the centre and become trapped underneath the lid, allowing this heat transfer to perfectly cook the remainder of the dish from above.

Omnia Oven muffin ring review
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Via simple conduction and convection, you can achieve perfect pizzas, cupcakes, bread, buns, potato wedges, but also unimaginable mobile meals like lasagne, quiche and shepherd’s pie – Omina Oven recipes are endless. You can bake, steam, braise (fast or slow). It’s so simple and versatile, the options really are endless. 

Clever but equally essential accessories include a silicone liner, a baking rack and even a specific muffin/cupcake tray. There is also a great Omnia Oven recipe book to really spark the Omnia Oven-inspired imagination. 

Omnia Oven Review
Credit: Amazon
Hands-down THE best feature for us is the Omnia Oven silicone liner

It ensures you don’t struggle to remove your dinner and makes washing up a completely painless experience. Given the simplicity of design, it’s really hard to ruin a meal using the Omnia Oven either, just throw it in and expect the same results as a conventional oven – it’s that good.

For such a game-changer, the Omnia is great value for money, so what’s the catch?

Minimal really.

The donut design limits you somewhat and the lid handle can get very hot, so take care, just as you would with any oven dish. But other than that, there’s not a thing I wouldn’t recommend about the Omnia Oven.

It saves you space, cost, and the massive power consumption of a conventional oven on the road and gives you that little taste of home without compromising the ethos of the vanlife. 

Omnia Oven review
Credit: Amazon

One of the main drawbacks of a lack of vanlife during the past year has to have been the lack of opportunity to sample the culinary delights of our amazing planet. Dave and I are foodies and always attempt local cuisine whenever possible. 

But the fact is, our vanlife cooking ideas have exploded in the last six months thanks to this simple, genius invention – the Swedish-invented Omnia Oven. Prior to this discovery, a freshly-baked loaf, a pizza or even a lasagne whilst living in a van would be a pipe dream. 

We were totally blown away by this little beauty, hence why we felt compelled to write an Omnia Oven review. It has brought a versatility to our dining whilst out on the road which I would not have thought possible. 

The Omnia Oven is just three components, it’s compact and light. If your van doesn’t have an oven, it’s the gadget you don’t hit the road without!

We hope you’ve found this Omnia camping oven review useful!

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