Put Airbnb On Autopilot And Spend More Time Doing What You Love

put Airbnb on autopilot and spend more time doing what you love

I’ve talked about automation quite a bit in my blog posts. And this is because one of the main advantages of an online business is its ability to be automated. So why not put Airbnb on autopilot and spend more time doing what you love?

So what does that mean?

Simply put, any action or transaction a customer/visitor/client completes on your website or other site isn’t done by you in real time. And your business literally runs 24-7 even while you sleep. You then get to spend your time doing what you actually want to, instead of trading your time for money in the traditional economy.

So how’s Airbnb automated?

Well, I haven’t gone mad and employed robots to clean and manage our Airbnb property – I wish!  But what I have managed to do is automate some of the processes to free up my time. Thanks to Airbnb upping its game in a post-lockdown/staycation/remote working world. 

Over the course of the 5 years we’ve been hosts on Airbnb, I’ve spent A LOT of time sending messages to guests in real time, responding to often the same messages over and over, diarising important messages or remembering to message each guest a few days prior to their stay with pre-check-in information.

But not any more!

I have seen various paid platforms and apps which do automation on your behalf. But now that Airbnb has added free message automation features, they’ll likely become obsolete fairly soon. Among other things, you can now schedule messages to guests in advance and set up ‘quick replies’ to respond to a question with the click of a button. Rather like how FAQ’s work.

I fully recognise of course, that you can never fully automate an Airbnb business (well, certainly not in this decade, anyway). And for us, it’s certainly not passive income, it’s bloody hard work. But scheduling my messages to guests is definitely a good start.

With our Airbnb property fully booked 11/12 months of 2021 alone, that’s a lot of guests to contact, so I’m already feeling the benefits. And I know I’m only automating a fraction of what I could.

So why not put Airbnb on autopilot and spend more time doing what you love?

Now, where has that robot hoover gone….? 

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