4 Reasons Why Working For Somebody Else Won’t Make You Wealthy

Reasons Why Working For Somebody Else Won’t Make You Wealthy

If you lost your job, would you be comfortable? No. But it might just give you that motivation you need to go for what you really want. Is it a surprise that most entrepreneurs come from nothing? They have nothing to lose. They are the opposite of comfortable. In their eyes, going for broke has no risk – if they gamble and lose, same old, same old – but if they win…. Here’s 4 Reasons Why Working For Somebody Else Won’t Make You Wealthy.

#1.  The more comfortable you are, the fewer risks you take

Comfortable’s great. Comfortable’s a nice bed, in a warm house in a safe area. But it’s static. Your earnings stay the same. They might increase a little, and you live a little more comfortably. They might decrease a little, and you live a little less comfortably. Your bills stay the same. Whatever is left you stick in the bank and spend on a holiday or Christmas or a new car. It’s very easy, it can go on for months, years, decades, just enough to be okay, but never quite enough for what you want. 

#2.  Your skill, building their assets

When we talk about wage, we are talking about money, usually a fixed amount of money. You work harder, money stays the same, you work less, no difference. But when we talk about skill, time, experience and other attributes, we are talking about value. YOU are a valuable commodity, whether it’s from your skills, time, experience, passion, intelligence or dexterity. And you bring most of these attributes to your job or career every working day, yet your salary is fixed. The difference only goes one place, into the pockets of the people that run the company.

Even worse, anything you create under the guise of the company you work for is their asset, not yours. They can make money from it for a lot longer than you will work, or live, but you have given up that valuable commodity – for nothing.

Why spend the best years of your life as an employee, when you have the opportunity to utilise you innate and unique skill for the betterment of yourself, rather than others? 

#3.  You think of your money as savings, not as something to invest

To an employee, money is something to be spent or something to be saved. Something to reward, or something to protect. But what is it protecting you from? From falling out of that comfort zone. Rainy day cash is wasting away, reactive not proactive. Just like you – your value is dropping, your time is decreasing, your skills are dwindling and before you know it, your opportunity to monetize yourself has gone. As the saying goes, you can’t spend it when you’re dead!

But to an entrepreneur money is just something to use – it’s a means to an end. Money is there to make more money. You should be making money work for you, not you work for it.

Fundamentally, employees and entrepreneurs view money differently. To employees it is too valuable to risk, to entrepreneurs it’s an opportunity for success. One might succeed, or not. One will just stay exactly the same, waiting for a rainy day that will never come.

If you want to change your mindset from employee to entrepreneur, you have to be willing to risk what you have, for what you want. It might fail the first time around, and second. But you have to give yourself the opportunity first – you miss 100% of the shots you never take. Take one shot at a time, and before you know it who knows where you might be.

#4.  Money comes and money goes, but time is finite

You can make all the money in the world, in seconds, and lose it all on the next hand. Money can grow faster than you can spend it and can be lost in an instant. But time, time is the most valuable commodity to all of us – because time can’t be bought. Once your time has run out, there’s no getting it back. So think wisely about how you want to spend it, because if you’re not careful it’ll be gone before you know it. 

Nobody knows how much time they have left, but we do know that you leave with nothing. So that time you spend working, is your time – are you really being paid enough for someone to steal your time? Your company uses their time how it wishes, it might be really efficient, it might be wasteful, but that time is no longer yours to control.

Now imagine you are on your deathbed. Think of all those hours of your time which were devoted to somebody else, not you, not your family, not your loved ones. Then they give you some of your time back, and you are supposed to feel grateful, like you earn it – it’s your time to begin with!

Learn to appreciate your value, by spending your time on yourself – your future, your happiness, your desires and your success. Don’t die with your music still in you.


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