Reduce Research Time For Your Social Media Posts

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Let’s face it, sourcing new, quality relevant content for your Social Media accounts is the hardest part. Having said that, there are many time-saving tools out there if you know where to look. Here we share some of the most useful to Reduce Research Time For Your Social Media Posts.

Google Alerts

This Google service allows you to create keywords and search terms relevant to a topic or concept. They are emailed to you in a digestible list. You can then cherry pick the best results from to share or use for content ideas. This will save you a great deal of time. Particularly if these results do not all come from page one of Google.

Twitter Lists

Keep Twitter Lists for those Tweeters you would like to ReTweet on a regular basis. Simply click on the Twitter List when you’re ready to share and scan through to see if anything relevant is displayed. You can do this based on keywords, types of account, anything really. Twitter Lists are also a great way to keep tabs on competitors or peers. There are in fact two strands to this. 1. you can monitor their Tweets without having to follow them and alerting them to this fact and 2. keep all Tweets relevant to a particular Topic, industry, etc. in once place. Making you less likely to miss anything and therefore increasing manageability.


Schedule comments from Testimonials to go out on a regular basis, not forgetting to also include links back to other Testimonials. This is a really valuable platform through which to develop credibility, trust and reliability in your business. After all, Social Media is the online equivalent of Word of Mouth. People trust recommendations far more than advertising in this day and age.


Who doesn’t like a good quotation and what business cannot find quotations relevant to them? Keep a list to add to regularly, then schedule them periodically. Quotations are one of the most shared pieces of content online. Talking Shop: Over 5,000 Business Quotes To Help You Through Your Working Day is a great resource for this. I also highly recommend and


Keep an eye on Twitter #Hashtags, see what’s trending at the moment, maybe there’s a hot topic that people are talking about that’s relevant to yours or a client’s business, if so, drop the #Hashtag into status updates and replies.

Showcase your Products & Services

Share information or take portions of content from yours or your client’s website and ensure that each product or service is highlighted, not just your overall offering. The devil is in the detail!

Covet the Competition

Draw up a list of your own or a client’s competitors and carry out research on what they are doing online. If for example somebody starts discussing or showcasing something of relevance to your or your client, you will be inspired to do the same and leverage some of the buzz online they are creating. If, on the other hand, a client’s competition is discussing something relevant to their business, you could prompt your client to create content around the same topic/discussion.


Each time you post a blog, make sure that you also send it to your Social Media and relevant groups. but to keep the blog post alive, take quotes from it and schedule periodic updates linking back to it. If they have a WordPress account use the “Tweet Old Post” plugin to automate this process of pulling out old posts. But just remember that using quotes rather than just titles will create unique, less promotional style status updates. Another great discipline is to develop a core list of Blogs which you enjoy reading and subscribe to those Blogs. You will then be updated each time one is updated. If it contains any valuable or interesting content you can then either share it or be inspired to write further Blog posts of your own on the back of it.

What tools/methods do you find useful for generating fresh content or fresh ideas for your own Social Media Posts?

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