Shift Your Mindset From Unhappy Employee to Empowered Entrepreneur

Shift Your Mindset From Unhappy Employee to Empowered Entrepreneur

In her decades as an employee, Katherine always knew deep down that should the opportunity arise, she would be off doing her own thing. In the same way that she’s always found it hard to settle in one place. And in some instances held back because she felt like she’d be moving on at some point. Shift Your Mindset From Unhappy Employee to Empowered Entrepreneur…

After 20-odd years of employment, there comes a point when the answer is not to find another job, company or boss and likely endure another toxic environment. Although Katherine’s the first to admit she’s never made a great employee. She’s never liked following rules, being told what to do or when she can and can’t take time off as entrepreneurs.

In the end, she got tired of the egos and the agendas

The way that people in senior positions seemed to think they had to behave or that they should behave. And women were worse. On more than one occasion, her boss started a project related to Katherine’s area of expertise but completely by-passed both Katherine and her job share colleague. Either for input, collaboration or help, when the project should have been delegated to them in the first place. This was the last time Katherine’s boss would poo-poo an idea or issue she had flagged. Then later announce the same idea as her own ‘review’. It was time to go. To do what she advocates everybody should do – Live The Life You Choose.

Then she discovered the SFM or rather they found her

In the course of her journey through the training, Katherine had a huge mindset shift and she reached the point of no return. A voluntary redundancy scheme was announced. Having felt increasingly paranoid about the percentage of her role that had been reallocated over the past few years, Katherine took the decision to leave. Before compulsory redundancies were announced. Or worse than that, a restructure and new areas of work to take on that she would never have applied for. Which happened to her in a different department in the same organisation. 


Had she been pushed, Katherine would also have received less money than via voluntary redundancy. It wasn’t a large sum of money, but enough to kick start her journey and that’s what mattered to her. She also took it very much as payback. For back pay she should’ve received as the result of another situation which should not have been allowed to take place. But that’s another story she doesn’t have the energy to discuss here.

Katherine feels very lucky as her husband has always been behind her. He believes in her and is fully supportive, so they’ve able to manage on his income while they build the business. 

Six months down the line, Katherine’s former job share colleague was seriously considering voluntary redundancy. And she wasn’t even entertaining the idea back in June when Katherine did. Ironically, she’d learnt of the second round of redundancies via email when they were meeting for coffee.

But things were more financially stable at home. She’d also experienced a mindset shift during the pandemic and her fledgling garden design business was gaining more traction. And she knew that in the current climate, a third round redundancies would inevitably be compulsory. This would mean a lot less money, or worse, a secure job but a restructure and unwanted add-ons to her role after 18 years specialising in one area.

When we bring this consciousness to our choices about money. And use our resources – money, time or talents – to take a stand for what we believe in we come alive. We are flooded with a sense of purpose even in the smallest action, and a feeling of power and energy opens up in our life“. (The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist)

Katherine loves to learn and has always done some kind of further education since graduating from university. Generally her view on this has been that it’s filled a hole that jobs could not. Or rather she couldn’t find a job that ticked all her boxes. But that’s where looking to design what your job should be comes in. But the point she makes is that rather than just doing another course thinking it will be the answer. The last one being an expensive blog marketing course in 2018. But she wasn’t working on herself while she was doing them. Or rather the mechanism or structure of them didn’t allow for that or factor it as important. That’s what appealed to her so much about doing the SFM. Because working on and improving yourself is the number one thing you need to become a successful entrepreneurs.


Katherine feels able to sit here now and wholeheartedly advocate the position she’s in because of the journey she’s been through. And the steps she’s taken through the training and awesome community she and Dave have joined. The gratitude they both feel and the deeper into their own journeys they go, means they just want to help other people do the same.

And for Katherine, the further away from ever being an employee again, the more she feels the pain of those people who are still employees. Those who envisage being so (with all that entails) until retirement or a well-timed lottery win. She wants them to tell them that there is another way, they just don’t know about it.

If you’re a fed-up employee or you just want things to change and undergo the highest level of training, coaching and mentoring, watch these videos. They may change your life.


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