Spring Clean for Lent: 40 days, 40 nights, 40 items

Spring Clean for Lent

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Everything starts to wake up and it always feels like a great opportunity to make a fresh start and wipe the slate clean. THE best time to Spring Clean for Lent.

This year, I’d gotten wind of the forty things giveaway for Lent and thought it was a fabulous idea, as my fingers are always itching to get started on the next decluttering opportunity.

Our first lodger moving in has definitely helped the continual decluttering, although it was strange to see somebody else’s things around the house even though it’s no longer our home.

For the average household, having too much stuff is a very common problem – a modern-day dilemma, if you like. As our culture becomes ever more consumerist, we’re buying more furniture and storage units to contain our stuff.

And the chances are, you spend an unjustified amount of time tidying up your stuff before you can get anything else done or even just relax in your space, am I right? Why spend valuable time looking after your stuff when you could be doing the things that you really enjoy?

From Hoarder to Order: Spring Clean for Lent

Okay, so it was never that extreme but I did own a lot of stuff. Clutter means different things to different people and there isn’t one size fits all. And there’s nothing wrong with clutter per se, except when it becomes overwhelming and starts holding you back.

How many items must you have a few given away hundred and it still going I hear you ask? Let’s not go there. But if you’re a follower of my blog, you’ll know that I was a textbook case. I’ve said it a million times, but decluttering is a lifestyle choice not a fad diet, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I continually declutter anyway.

Over 40 days and 40 nights, I did declutter 40 items (and more…)

On Day One I was already approaching 20 items. Admittedly, some of them were already waiting in the charity bag or listed online but whether it’s today or in 10 or 20 days, they’ll still be gone during Lent. I just thought I’d mention it to encourage you and that there’s hope.

1. Seat cushion
2. Cushion
3. placemats (x4)
4. Dog plaques (x2)
5. Marble rolling pin
6. Dog walking hat
7. Checked work trousers
8. Owl print dress
9. Dining chair (for upcycling)
10. Jute shopping bag
11. Lloyd loom chair
12. Cornicing and pelmet
13. Nutritional paste (for dog’s upset stomach which turned out to be anything but)
14. Jigsaw (had for years and will never complete)
15. Dog feeding mat
16. Heart-shaped biscuit cutters (bought for Valentine’s Day 7/8 years ago and not used since, at best hardly at all)
17. Book about writing (conflict and suspense)
18. Book about Champagne
19. Mini grater (for hot chocolate)
20. Tea diffuser (which comes apart every time I use it)

It’s now Week Two and here’s where I’ve got to. It really is as easy as 1,2,3…. 40!

21. Crystal flutes (x4)
22. Magnetic photo holders (x2 – our fridge is now integrated so no access to door)
23. Hula hoop
24. Cocktail shaker
25. Lloyd loom chair
26. suit trousers
27. earphones (which keep falling out)
28. Oven dishes (which I’ve had since time immemorial)
29. Pillow protectors
30. Vileda mop & spare mophead
31. Oriental patterned serving bowls (x2)
32. Glass pie dish
33. Laptop tray
34. storage basket
35. rectangular, round  & oval ceramic serving dishes
36. Bath mat (which never dried out even when it was on the towel rail all day)
37. chipped serving bowl
38. cake tins (x2)
39. side plates (x3 – seemingly acquired from my Grandma’s meals on wheels 5 years ago)
40. hairdryer diffuser
41. Whiskey Lovers’ Handbook (one of Dave’s)

Top Three Decluttering Tips: Spring Clean for Lent

  1. Get your clutter out of the house – keep it in the car ready to take to the charity shop or at least out of sight. You need to detach from it so that you don’t get sentimental and change your mind
  2. Spring Clean Your Clobber and swap your wardrobes over – out with the winter clothes, hello spring/summer!
  3. Take photos if you’re feeling worried or anxious about what you’re decluttering. BUT don’t forget that our memories aren’t in our possessions, so you don’t need to keep them to invoke memories, Photos help but I can guarantee the likelihood of you revisiting the photos is very low!

What are your Top Tips for decluttering? Let me know in the comments box below how you like to Spring Clean for Lent…

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