Tesla Custom RVs The Tiny Home Of Our Dreams

What vanlifer or tiny home owner doesn’t fantasise about their dream abode? Here’s a bit of van porn for you to feast your eyes on. Check out the Tesla Custom RVs The Tiny Home Of Our Dreams…

Tesla Custom RVs The Tiny Home Of Our Dreams

An electric motorhome based on the Tesla semi with 500 miles of range would make an amazing camper

Tesla is coming up with new electric vehicles all the time to expand its portfolio. We think the world’s first long-range, all-electric motorhome makes perfect sense for the brand’s product pipeline, so we had our resident artist draw up what it might look like. 
This custom Tesla Cybertruck RV camper trailer is truly exceptional. It’s a home on wheels and it fits right in with the modernistic design of the Cybertruck.

The trailer is of the fifth-wheel variety and it looks to be on the large side. There are no measurements provided, but it’s like 30 feet long or so and the exterior styling, though not quite as angular as the Cybertruck, still features the sharp creases and edges found on Tesla’s upcoming electric pickup truck.

The exterior may appear rather basic, but the inside is entirely different. Take a look at the amenities within in our photo gallery below:

Gallery: Cybertruck RV Home: Tesla Custom RVs The Tiny Home Of Our Dreams

Additionally, there’s solar located on the top of the RV and presumably some sort of energy storage system within (at least that’s how we’d spec it).

Of course, these are just renders and anything in the world is possible in rendered form. However, we’re fairly certain there will be demand for an RV/trailer that fits with the style of the Cybertruck.

This isn’t the first Cybertruck-inspired camper and it certainly won’t be the last. But with Tesla Custom RVs The Tiny Home Of Our Dreams, it’s a pretty good start, right?!

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