The Best External Screen/Blind For Your Boxer Jumper Ducato Campervan

The Best External Screen/Blind For Your Boxer Jumper Ducato Campervan
Credit: Amazon

The Best External Screen/Blind For Your Boxer Jumper Ducato Campervan is definitely worth the investment for top quality protection from winter cold or summer sun.

Are you a Winter or Summer person?

I hope you’ve managed to stop eating leftover turkey, Christmas pudding and sprouts just long enough to answer this important theological question. I am definitely a summer person, all the way. Long warm days rolling around in short sleeves, enjoying the glow of the sun’s rays beating down on me. Summer is my natural habitat. Even better if it involves Irene and the countryside. And exploring and discovering new places, new people and stretching that endless horizon just a little bit further than the day before.

Toes are meant to be warm

I just don’t get it. I hate being cold. I hate that chill feeling in your bones when you know you’ll never quite manage to warm them up enough. Roll on summer! Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love warming myself by an open fire, preferably in a country pub somewhere. And definitely sipping on some mulled wine whilst the temperature outside freezes. And during the winter months is that you can still catch glimpses of spectacular and uplifting views. Even if they are fleeting and sparse. Blue skies seem to hold so much more meaning at this time of year. Like a diamond amongst so much coal. Today has been one of those. 

But as I now sit in the fading light, I think of the one other aspect of winter I do appreciate… darkness. 

Stay with me. 

I mean the darkest of the pitch black. When I was young, I could happily sleep 9 or 10 hours without so much as a curtain and still sleep in, even in peak summer. Due to age, stressors, and a couple of stints living under the bright artificial lights of the city, I now wake much more easily. So blackout curtains or shutters have been the norm for many a year. 

But I love the atmosphere of moonlight glow on a darkened room. It’s therapeutic. It gives me peace and makes my bedroom a space where I can dream undisturbed. With it, I unconsciously relax.

So what I really love about winter is the fact that I can drift off into a tranquil moonlit sleep safe in the knowledge that I won’t be woken by bright light at an ungodly hour. And it’s all down to the best external screen/blind for your Boxer Jumper Ducato campervan. There is a time for a 5.00am sunrise, but I want it to be my choice when I open my eyelids. For they need their beauty sleep!!

 The Best External Screen/Blind For Your Boxer Jumper Ducato Campervan
Credit: Amazon

What about the summer? 

Summer is Irene, the open road, the glorious vistas and the spectacular and life affirming experience of living with less – shining a new light on my world, one day at a time. Summer is also eye piercing shards of light from 5.00am onwards. As I said, I love the summer. But when you are on the road, in a campervan designed for panoramic views and with a lot of glass surrounding it, light is tricky to control. So is temperature.

Not too hot and not too cold – just right

Whilst you might be thinking about porridge, I’m thinking of my campervan, alternating between a greenhouse and a fridge. This week’s I’m talking about an essential bit of kit, to help manage the climate. If like us, you own either a Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper or Fiat Ducato campervan, this Exterior Folding Screen is just the ticket. 

It’s not often you find such an essential item which provides a dual purpose for year-round use, but this is one of the exceptions. 

Warm in winter, cool and dark in summer

The Best External Screen/Blind For Your Boxer Jumper Ducato Campervan
Credit: Amazon

A campervan has a lot of mod cons, but it cannot compete with bricks and mortar when it comes to insulation and heat regulation. In the winter, your thin metal walls and especially your glass covered exterior will seep out heat at an alarming rate. In the summer, your van will quickly feel like an oven come sun up. Your windscreen is the magnifying glass, and you are the ants!

The more glass you have, the more your problems are magnified 😉. This perfectly fitted folding screen goes a long way to fixing this for you.

Worth its weight in warmth

This screen may weigh 6kg and be a little bulky, but that is because it resembles whale blubber when it comes to its 7mm thick, outdoor thermal insulation material. It folds down to a storage size of 60 x 36 x 20cm – which is not inconsiderable. What you lose in size though, is more than made up for in functionality. Plus you get a bag.

Fix up, look sharp… and stay warm

The design is simple but takes a bit of practice to set up perfectly. A combination of magnets and internal hooks ensure that it stays secure and perfectly fitted to your screen, while preventing it from being pinched. You open the doors and pull through the fixing hooks to hold the screen in place.

Versatile to match your needs

The Best External Screen/Blind For Your Boxer Jumper Ducato Campervan
Credit: Amazon

The infrequent times it is sunny in winter, you want to make the most of it, and this smart screen helps you to do so. There is a large cut flap in the centre which extends all the way to the bonnet. So you can get the all-important natural light in without removing the whole cover and losing too much heat.

Are you afraid of the dark?

The Best External Screen/Blind For Your Boxer Jumper Ducato Campervan
Credit: Amazon

I can attest to the fact this really cuts the light completely. The thick insulation material forms a completely opaque barrier and the fit and seal around the edges is also really good. I can’t spot even a sliver of light when it’s fitted. Plus it looks really nice. 

You’ll be walking on sunshine, but not squinting into it!

All in all, this offers top quality protection and is definitely worth the investment and the floor space to add to your vanlife. Whether it’s winter cold or summer sun or if you are just sensitive to the light when you sleep – this external campervan screen is just the ticket. Just don’t get caught out when the sun goes down.

May the sun always be on your face… unless you really need more sleep!

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