The More I Get Rid Of, The Less I Want To Keep

I’ve said it many times in this blog, but we still have a way to go. I’ve also said that it’s an ongoing process, however as more time passes it’s getting easier and easier – the thicker my skin becomes the more ruthless I am. Why keep something that somebody else bought you years ago because you think you might use it in the future (a bit like ‘just in case purchases’)? When actually you could just as easily purchase it when you need it.

We’re living in the age of instant online gratification, which for the most part is a negative thing in my opinion. However, what it does afford us is the ability to order something and have it the next day. And yes, I have an Amazon Prime membership (other online retailers are available). Therefore what excuse do I have to essentially hold onto/store possessions I may use once a year or less? I’m not talking about expensive items or valuable items which justify keeping them, but more everyday items.

Yesterday I came across a broken plate in one of the cupboards in our home office, final resting place for clutter or no-longer required possessions. Now the set of four plates it belongs to have sentimental value because they were a wedding gift but I’ve tried repairing it three or four times without success. Short of taking it to a ceramicist or somebody with a Potter’s wheel (and I don’t know anybody with one of those), we’re never going to be able to use it.

Perhaps it had languished in the cupboard since last Spring because of a sense of guilt because I was the one that clumsily broke it? Either way it’s of no use so it should go. I guess it could be nicely upcycled if we choose to do something with crazy paving or some kind of broken pottery range in the garden. However, this is unlikely so rather than just consign it to the household dump I think I might put it on Freecycle or Gumtree. I bet there’s somebody out there who does have a use for it. One man’s trash…..

One thing’s for sure, the more I get rid of the more I want to get rid of. And it’s not just down to developing a thicker skin, I’m changing as a person as are my values and my worldview. It’s funny that now I’ve developed a stuff skin, what seemed like more extreme minimalism has become the norm.

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