How To Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur

how to transition from employee to entrepreneur

Want to know how to transition from employee to entrepreneur? It’s fairly straightforward as long as you accept that it’s not for the faint-hearted. Quite simply, it takes time, courage, focus, knowledge, a mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur and more than anything, commitment.

Many frustrated professionals have also had a taste of the flexibility of working online without the boss breathing down their neck during the pandemic. And for many, the thought of going back to the daily grind of commuting, the politics, backbiting and one-up-man ship in the office is fueling their anxiety. 

Be Prepared To Be 100% Accountable

Of course, as an entrepreneur you won’t experience any of this, but let’s face it, that’s not a good basis on which to base your decision. At the end of the day, yes you’re your own boss and you can work where and when you want. BUT you’re 100% accountable and the only one to blame when things go wrong. It’s not for everybody, and I know many people who would rather work for a period of time then take a career break or sabbatical to travel for a few months.

We all put conditions on what we’re willing to do and sacrifice in order to succeed. If you want to make the transition to entrepreneurship successful, 100% (minimum) commitment is needed. By putting everything you’ve got into achieving the goal and investing every minute of your precious time in it. It’s the only way to successfully transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Do whatever it takes. No excuses.

If you can’t find enough time, given your current schedule, scale back other activities, work on weekends, or even consider taking time off work to get your business rolling. Are you willing to work 15 hours a day? Wake up at 5am and work on your business? Give up some of the comforts of your current lifestyle? Say “no” to people, events and situations that are not in harmony with your project?

Before they committed to their own journey from employee to entrepreneur, one of my friend’s favourite things to do was try out new restaurants every weekend with his girlfriend. They’d have an expensive meal and share a nice bottle of wine of two on the night. But when he decided to nip this in the bud and instead spend the time working on his new business, his girlfriend objected very strongly. The fact that it would benefit both of them in the long run didn’t matter and she couldn’t accept or support his newly chosen lifestyle. Needless to say their relationship ended not long after that. 

To live like others can’t you need to do what others won’t

The reason the majority of first time entrepreneurs fail (about 82%) is because they don’t do the work required for success. I can show you exactly what’s worked for me and many others with recession-proof skills for any economy. Which can give you the location independence and financial freedom you really long for. Be the person who makes the leap to transition from employee to entrepreneur.

But overcoming the challenges, following the advice, doing what’s required and ultimately achieving results is entirely down to you and your work ethic. Those who achieve the results have a big enough reason to keep moving forward until they have created their dream life. Whatever it takes.

Commit to being successful and ask yourself the following:

  • Are you willing to persist?
  • Are you ready to be disciplined and strategic with your time, energy and resources
  • Do you want this badly enough?
  • Is working hard for a year worth a lifetime of freedom? 

If your answer is yes, you’re capable of trading your time for money as an employee and trading your time for freedom as an entrepreneur. And sooner than you think. Go all in, show up, get out of your own way and you’ll get there!

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