Vanlife WiFi Options: How To Get Internet In Your Van

how to Get Internet In Your Van

Vanlife can be exciting and fun to experience, especially since you connect to nature and experience an entirely different way of living. But as wild and off-grid as you might want to go, technology and electronics rule our lives and a decent internet connection is an absolute necessity on the road especially if you’re also working on the road or maintaining a YouTube channel or Blog. Even to find recommended places to stay the night, shops, cheap fuel, etc. Rightly or wrongly, we rely on the internet’s Vanlife WiFi options for so much of our information these days. 

Using the latest technological advancements, many internet providers have developed solutions for on the road internet. These include cellular data plans and vanlife WiFi options designed to ensure seamless accessibility for the internet in campervans

Cellular Data with Hotspot

Cellular data is one of the most common and prevalent campervan internet solutions. It shouldn’t cost you more than what you would usually spend every month in your home, and you can get online on your smartphone, laptops and other devices wherever there’s a service.

Common problems with Cellular data

  • image of Motorhome 4G Smart Compact WifiRestricted hotspot data: most phone suppliers don’t have this sorted out quite well. Instead, most “unlimited internet” plans boast a mere 15GB of hotspot data. 
  • Restricted high-speed data: also “unlimited” plans which aim to include high-speed data. They might offer plans with more data, but they are generally slower.
  • Feeble cell signal: Not much you can do about dead spots, yet for territories with low cellular signals. Like the Motorhome 4G Smart Compact, a cellular data sponsor truly reinforces your wireless signals, providing an ideal mobile WiFi system.

Tips for consuming less data

  • Disable your Apps from refreshing in the background. Let’s take Twitter and Facebook, for example. Even when background refresh is turned off, Facebook and Twitter will pick up status notifications, so you’ll see the latest news when you open the window. The most current news continually draws your data. You can easily turn off background refresh to ensure your Apps consume less data.
  • Do you need to upload a new YouTube video to your channel or a bunch of high-res images to your website or blog? Do you need to upload serene sunsets or panoramic shots of some mountains or the ocean? Wait for broadband internet instead of using up your data plan.
  • Download music and movies when you have vanlife WiFi options – wait until you’re at a friend’s house, in a coffee shop, the library or any other place with free WiFi availability to download that new Netflix series you’ve been waiting to watch.
  • On Instagram, switch to the ‘Use Less Info’ mode. Before scrolling, Instagram preloads videos and images, which results in consuming more data to load videos than you’d care to see. To avoid that, scroll to the “Cellular Data Use” option and toggle “Use Less Data” on your Instagram settings on the profile pages.

Prepaid WiFi modem

Without doubt, the best internet for vanlife is a prepaid WiFi modem. Prepaid WiFi modems essentially act as a prepaid hotspot. This means that you get a certain amount of GBs to your computer for a month or more. 

There are a few unrestricted modems for prepaid third parties, but it is better to exercise caution. Some of them give you unlimited data to be received in advance for a more extended period. The service might seem affordable, but we read from reviews that the coverage is not reliable, and so you never know if you’ll get the data when you need it the most!

image of Motorhome WiFi 4G Smart FLEXAffordable devices such as the Motorhome WiFi 4G Smart Flex are designed for customers who require broader WiFi coverage.  Motorhome WiFi 4G Smart Flex boasts an ‘always on’ mode, with a password-protected secure internet connection and a two-year warranty. Featuring connectivity for up to 64 devices, it provides five times the performance of cellular data. 

Benefits Of A Prepaid WiFi Modem

  • Password encryption provides a safer internet connection. Several unlocked hotspot routers are also available in the market, but an encrypted WiFi connection is undoubtedly more reliable. 
  • It offers better coverage and allows more people to use the internet simultaneously. Just share your password and they can easily connect to your internet.
  • Attempting to utilize your mobile phone as a hotspot not only weakens the internet signal but likewise will deplete your smartphone battery. That may not appear to be a serious deal for inconsistent use, however the more you use and charge your mobile phone battery, the worse your general battery life becomes. We’ve all been there!

Satellite Internet

Satellites were once the ideal device for on the road internet systems and vanlife, but today it’s pretty outdated and moderate internet. And you can’t use it while you’re driving, which can be a restricting work factor for vanlifers.

image of Motorhome WiFi Crystop Satellite Internet System AutoSat_2SIHowever, companies like Motorhome WiFi 4G have pretty much brought a renaissance to the satellite internet. Whilst satellite devices are more expensive than other internet sources, devices like Motorhome Crystop Satellite Internet System are ideal for working ceaselessly from home, which implies your business will never be far off. In addition to the fact that you have internet at the press of a button, you can simultaneously watch your favourite TV shows and tune into radio channels through a similar framework.


The Motorhome satellite internet framework is easy to work with and can be utilized to obtain a TV signal. The search time is under 60 seconds after first use without any need to stress over convoluted settings. 


With many data providers competing in the market, the undisputed king is VOXI. In our opinion, it’s the best mobile WiFi for Motorhome device, providing endless social media browsing and video streaming. The incredibly flexible plans boast 4G and 5G coverage, providing you with an unparalleled service when used with Motorhome devices.

image of Voxi Endless Social Media 15GB Plan  image of Voxi Endless Social Media 45GB Plan

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