What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like? Here’s Why You Need To Know

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year thinking about my ideal life and what a perfect day in that life looks like. I would like to share with you how I have visualized what I consider to be my ideal morning, workday and evening.

Ask yourself these questions:

• How does my day start? Who is with me?
• How much time do I spend working? What do I do for leisure?
• How does it look? Use your senses to see, feel, taste, touch, hear
• What’s important to me and where am I looking to get to?
• Why is it I want these things and is it worth the work?


I awaken at 6.30am, sunlight streaming through the window. I do some stretches and breathing exercises then go downstairs and make a cup of tea. It gets really warm very early in Spain at this time of year. I bask in the warmth of the early morning sun and take a moment to be grateful and visualize my goals for the day.

I hear the tippy tap of paws on the kitchen flagstones and Darakht, our rescue dog from Afghanistan, appears in the doorway. I can also hear our Shetland pony neighing in greeting as he’s seen that we’re up, so I go and say hello and give him a good scratch behind his ears. Next I go and feed our chickens – they’ve laid four eggs this morning. Back at the house, I make a cup of coffee for Dave and go upstairs to see that he’s awake and also enjoying the sun’s rays. We have a kiss and a cuddle, then open up the skylight to welcome in the new day.

How To Visualize Your Ideal Day To Start Living The Life You Choose
Darakht The Nowzad Rescue

Dave takes the dogs out before it gets too hot, while I take a shower in my wet room. Having a bathroom each has been a Godsend as has being able to afford a cleaner! Like every summer’s day (and most spring and autumn days), I choose a bikini, t-shirt and shorts. I still revel in not thinking about what I’m going to wear most days and the freedom of little clothing. Unlike back in the UK.

I go and say hello to Irene and tell her about our plans for the day while I clean her windows

I remind myself how grateful I am to be alive and think about her legacy. And about seizing the day, not caring about what other people think. Then it’s time to feed our pony, pygmy goats, miniature Spanish donkey and the alpacas. They’re getting quite woolly now. Soon it will be time to shear them and sell the wool to a lady in the village. Our menagerie of animals makes me feel so happy and content.

I wander down to my writing hut in the garden, saying hello again to all of our animals. Darakht, our oldest rescue trots along beside me. He was found tied up outside a rescue centre in Afghanistan and it took time for him to trust us, but he’s my shadow now and I love it. Nowadays he prefers hanging around the garden to accompanying our other dogs on a walk. And curling up in his bed in the corner of my writing hut. While I fire up my Mac, I pinch myself at the view of the terraced vineyards then rolling hills towards the ocean. I make notes from the Zoom call with my editor to discuss the first draft of my next book. Then we head back up to the house to fix breakfast for the dogs.

The eggs I collected are the perfect size for poaching

While the water heats up, I slice some sourdough to lightly toast on the griddle and choose an avocado from the fruit bowl, and a lime from one of our trees. I slice into the avocado’s perfectly ripe flesh, mash one half and cut the other into chunks for a bit of texture. I add chilli flakes, some coriander and mint leaves from the herb garden by the back door and a bit of lime juice. Then I spread it on the toast I have also buttered. The eggs are poaching nicely. This gives me just enough time to make another cup of coffee before Dave and Darakht arrive back from their morning walk.

I feed the dogs and sprinkle the eggs with some of the chilli flakes and Worcestershire sauce. And I make myself a cup of tea from the leaves we brought back from a recent trip to Sri Lanka. They’ve been steeping nicely in my teapot. I haven’t bought teabags for years as the majority of them still contain plastic. I’m very passionate about living as sustainable a life as possible. We sit down together at the kitchen table to eat our breakfast and talk about plans for the day.

We visit the local Mercadillo to find some furniture for my latest upcycling project

Mum and Dad are coming over in a few days. I’ll Zoom her later to get her input on the bath I’ve seen at the Mercadillo. It’ll be perfect for the outdoor space I’ve created with a killer view of the hills. Back at home, we complete the final prep for our trip to the Arctic Circle in Irene the campervan in seven days’ time.

It’s early evening by the time we’ve finished. We decide to go for a ride on our electric bikes with Darakht in the cycle carrier, to get him used to it before we go on our trip. It takes us to the ocean and we have a dip in the water to cool down, before heading home to get ready for dinner. Tonight we’re going to a restaurant in the hills which specializes in local, Tapas dishes and comfy sofas to lounge in which is more our thing than stuff formal restaurants. Plus they also make a mean gin cocktail.

We have an agreement to leave our phones at home when we’re out for dinner

And, with plenty of practice, we’ve learnt to be in the moment and mindful. When we get back from the restaurant, Dave has a missed call from my brother. He’s coming over in a few days’ time to look after the place while we’re away.

I also check my phone and see we’ve had a few more sales and email signups to our video series. There’s been some activity on the SFM Tribe Facebook page. When it comes to social media, this is one of my few exceptions. Not reading other people’s online boasts and self-editing online or negative news stories is one of the ways in which I control my environment. And it’s integral to my mental wellbeing. I take the time to respond to a couple of posts from new members with words of encouragement and support. This was invaluable when we first discovered SFM and were working through the modules. I am once again reminded of how true success really does come from a place of collaboration and sharing.

Satisfied that we’ve achieved everything we wanted to today, Dave prepares the firepit while I light some candles. We sit around it with a glass of red wine and our dogs, listening to the cicadas and other nighttime creatures sharing our beautiful home….

What would your ideal day look like? I’d love to know!

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