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There are many websites and Apps out there to help you in your waste and money-saving endeavors. In this blog post, I highlight a selection of those that work for us when it comes to waste and money saving.

Online Shopping: Waste and Money Saving

Put everything into your basket but don’t check out. You’ll usually then receive an email asking if you’ve forgotten to purchase the items. Some retailers will also send a discount code to persuade you to shop with them.

Approved Food: Waste and Money Saving

Approved Food logo Surplus, short-dated stock and food either that’s near or just past its ‘best before’ date, the savings from which are passed onto the customer.

Too Good To Go: Waste and Money Saving

too good to go logoCafes, bakeries & restaurants with offers of up to 50% off leftover food. The App is international so we plan to use it when we’re traveling in the campervan.

Money Saving Expert: Waste and Money Saving

logo for moneysavingexpert.comOffers and vouchers on shopping, restaurants & hotels.

logo for mysupermarketMy Supermarket: Waste and Money Saving

  • Offers on products at a wide selection of UK retailers (but 100% independent)
  • Find the best online deals, offers, and vouchers
  • Compare your online shopping basket across supermarkets for swap/replacement suggestions to help you save more money
  • Cashback (if you link a PayPal account) when you buy a selection of favorite products or promotions
  • Set up price alerts (via email or the App)
  • Order your shopping online, print your shopping list and take it to the supermarket or just compare different prices online


  • image of book cover for The New Homesteader Meal deals – most supermarkets offer these now which means great savings if buying wine or even a whole chicken as this can be used for several other meals
  • Simply Cook – four easy to follow recipes and ingredient kits (each containing ingredient blends devised by professional chefs)
  • Grow your own fruit and vegetables (The New Homesteader by Nick & Bela Ivins is a great resource)
  • What you don’t spend one week, roll over to the next and withdraw less money
  • Use a supermarket scanner or calculator to tot your shopping up as you go and keep track
  • Buy value/own brand where possible as these are often exactly the same product packaged differently, especially higher-value items like medicines, e.g. paracetamol, ibuprofen, etc. You are mainly paying for packaging and marketing.

Eating Out: Waste and Money Saving

  • BYO restaurants – massive savings when you don’t have the mark-up on wine to contend with
  • Tablepouncer – book last-minute restaurants with up to 50% off. Currently available in Bath, Bournemouth, Brighton & Hove, Bristol, Edinburgh, London & Southampton

Click here for further information on the best food waste apps.

Read the full list in my book:

image for book cover - Well-Lived Life With Less: One Couple's quest to discover the beauty in living with less

image of Well-Lived Life With Less book: Waste and Money Saving

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