What Is Affiliate Marketing And Other Frequently Asked Questions

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These FAQ’s aim to destroy any rejection points and limiting beliefs you may be experiencing as you weigh up whether or not a digital business is right for you.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the fastest way for individuals without any previous experience or business knowledge to get started in online business. In theory, with a laptop and internet connection you can literally get started the same day you start the training. 

If you recommend a shop or restaurant, that business owner will receive a lovely referral but you wouldn’t see anything for it. With affiliate marketing on the internet, you have the opportunity to get paid for every single referral you make.

Online, you can make recommendations about pretty much anything, be it services, information products, downloads or physical products. Affiliate marketing is about finding potential customers looking for a particular product and service, playing the middleman and making a referral.

People are doing it on marketplaces like Amazon every day. So there’s a very good chance that a product you’ve purchased on Amazon after doing a Google search and clicking on a link came via an affiliate referral. That person has learnt how to do online marketing and people to certain types of products. Even with Amazon’s affiliate programme, any referrals that you make when somebody then makes a purchase, you get a commission or a check in the post, or a bank deposit in your bank account.

One of the great things about the affiliate marketing business model is that you can build a business around your passions

And, chances are, there are also people who’ve already created products around that niche or market. You can then sign up as an affiliate, make referrals and start getting paid for that work.

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So Why Aren’t More People Doing Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is still very new. Even though the internet has been around for over 20 years and is something people are using everyday, making money on the internet is still limited. Until you make the decision to get educated, you won’t necessarily be privy to the opportunities that exist around you. 

Do affiliate marketing if you like the idea of making money online but don’t know where to get started and would like the freedom that comes with an online business? You can start straightaaway, learning how to make referrals online. It’s easier than you might think once you’ve had the education and earning potential is almost infinite.

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How Much Time Do I Need to Spend On My Online Business?

I would say 10 to 12 hours a week is adequate. Of course, if you can find more, it’s going to assist you particularly in the beginning stages. But we’re certainly going to guide you on that. And most importantly, on the things you should really be focusing on to get results. Like with anything, the more time you put in, the more success and results you’re likely to have.

But it’s also about how you spend your time, i.e. are you working smart? We will show you how to focus on money-producing activities. Stuff that’s really going to get you results as fast as possible. 

Many students over the years have spent hours every day (sometimes years) online trying to get results and they’ve really struggled

They find us, put fewer hours into the business and have more significant results than ever before. So it’s about how you spend your time. But be realistic. If you haven’t got at least an hour a day most days to start with, you’re probably wasting your time. A couple of hours a week isn’t enough either. The internet is extremely fast-paced, the training is fast-moving and you will always be kept up to date. But if you want a good amount of momentum, consistent time spent on the business is more important in many instances than how much time.

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Do I Need Any Previous Experience To Succeed At Online Business?

No, you don’t. Many of our top students over the years have come through our business system and education program without any previous experience. And you will be able to quickly start applying your newfound skills while you’re still learning.

Sometimes students join us with previous experience but also preconceptions about how internet businesses should be run. As a result of that, they don’t follow the program exactly the way it’s been designed to be followed because they’re keen to get started. Regardless of your previous experience, if you haven’t been getting the kind of results that you want which is probably why you’re here in the first place, then do not skip the steps.

Our business system, training, programs, tools and technology has been designed assuming that the individual has no previous experience

It’s a company and community that has organically grown based around the results we’re getting with our students. So we’ve proven time and time again that previous experience is not something you need to bring to the table. And if you’re not technical or you’re worried that you need to be some sort of whizz kid, that’s not the case at all. 

Everything is put in place in order for you to get started like a franchise. It’s a proven system like a business in a box, which we call the All-In Package.

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It’s easier to change the world than it is your mind. People would rather work 50 or 60 hours a week for decades than spend one hour a day reprogramming their mind. You have to really want it. But if you need to change your life and want more freedom with no glass ceiling or cap on your income, it’s perfectly possible with the right digital business. 

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