Live The Vanlife Without Being An Instagram Influencer

You Don't Have To Freelance To Live The Vanlife

You Don’t Have To Freelance To Live The Vanlife. Freelancing is old hat for online business because it involves trading your time for money, which is the antithesis of digital marketing. Why? Because digital business models such as affiliate marketing leverage technology to create automated systems so that the internet works on your business so you don’t have to. Yes really, you don’t have to freelance to live the vanlife.


There is one question I get asked again and again – how do you make money on the road? 

My story involves years of expensive (online) self-education, trial and error with dozens of different jobs, quite a bit of luck, and a lot of perseverance to get to where I am today. An affiliate marketing business owner so that I don’t have to freelance to live the vanlife. 

Tips and Advice for Future Vanlifers

It’s important to stress that working online isn’t all firepits and killer sunsets. Tenacity and the self-discipline to work remotely is essential and it’s not the easiest skill to build if you’ve only worked office jobs. In which case, I recommend you also read How To Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur, which addresses this common challenge for new vanlifers. 

There are some basic attributes that many vanlifers have in common that you should keep in mind when considering your future as a digital business owner. If you want this lifestyle badly enough, you will make it happen.

Create Opportunities And Embrace Your Inner Entrepreneur

Digital nomads don’t accept the status quo by working 9 to 5 in office jobs. They question traditional employment and seek out opportunities which fit around their lifestyles, not the other way around. In other words, lifestyle design. (read The 4-Hour Work Week if you want to know more about this beautiful concept). Digital nomads tend to already be entrepreneurial self-starters. 

Choose Lifestyle Design Over The 9 To 5

This was huge for me. I had the opportunity to make great money in my ‘career’ but I knew it wasn’t my passion and I had zero interest in climbing the corporate ladder. I didn’t want to live to work, I wanted to work to live and I took a significant pay cut to do so. 

Minimalism and vanlife also tend to go hand in hand. Digital nomads tend to prioritize lifestyle over money and possessions, so keep in mind that there are financial trade-offs to working remotely.

Before you escape from the 9 to 5, you need to ensure that your actions align with your desire to work online. Do you want this enough to start saving money now? I definitely recommend having savings or residual income of some kind before doing anything crazy like quitting your job and moving into a van. See how smooth the saving up process is for you. If it’s really difficult to change your habits and spend less money in your life now, you may not be as motivated as you think to make such a big lifestyle change.

One thing you definitely don’t need to do in the rapidly-growing digital economy is freelance to live the vanlife.

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