You Won’t Escape 9 To 5 With Most Passive Income Streams

you won't escape 9 to 5 with most passive income streams

Building an online business is the most logical way to earn passive income.  But you won’t escape 9 to 5 with most passive income streams if you don’t use the best tools, education or training to learn success systems.

BUT if you realise that creating real change in your life will require a bit of hard work, exactly as it has done for me and thousands of others in my online community, keep reading….

We often hear about the amazing fortunes made on a single deal by business magnates. But behind that single deal is usually a decade or more of experience and education. That business magnate probably looked at hundreds of deals and only pursued a couple. Their education and due diligence separated the wheat from the chaff because they had the right information they needed to make an informed decision.

The lesson here is not that everything is a scam and opportunities should be avoided. Rather the lesson is that get rich quick is largely a myth. Things that are too good to be true usually are. This means putting in the time and the work to become knowledgeable. Becoming an expert takes the quick out of get rich quick but it is totally worth it.


I started my online business after watching a four-video workshop about three core business principles I needed to understand. I followed the step by step training in the video and am working towards replacing my five-figure salary with passive income through my online business. I’m not there yet but striving towards the financial independence I know I will attain. 

Long before I found the four-video workshop online, I had decided I wanted the time and financial freedom to travel – live life on my own terms, live the life I chose. I didn’t want to be tied down or need permission to take time off to travel for just a few weeks a year. And I wanted location independence in a way that wasn’t tied to a nine to five job. I learned the three principles, I followed the step by step training, and soon replaced my five figure salary and was free to leave, I had achieved the financial independence I so desperately wanted. 

This is how I know that the training delivered by my business partner training is the absolute best place to learn. I’m living proof that you can escape the 9 to 5 and an unfulfilling corporate career using these three core principles. In a way that isn’t tied to a nine to five job and helped me on the road to achieving the financial independence I so desperately wanted. 


Here are the three core principles you will need to apply to be successful at online business:

#1. Business Model
Your online business should work on the model of one to many. So you work with a lot of people with the same effort that it takes to work with one. This saves you time and it massively boosts your income which helps you replace your salary without having to trade your time for money. 

#2. Technology
You don’t have to be an expert to start and grow an online business, but you will need to develop new technical skills. And here’s the best bit – it’s simple drag and drop [reword] software that anybody can learn.

Automation is the lynchpin of passive income through an online business. Because it’s potentially earning you money/income 24-7, yes that’s right, even when you’re asleep. That’s how you don’t trade your time for money. 

#3. Getting Customers
Having customers in an online business is no different to traditional business. They’re the lifeblood of what you’re creating for yourself with your online business. So bringing in more customers to your online business is core. 

By applying these core principles you’re already streets ahead of most online entrepreneurs who simply aren’t. Either their business is consuming all of their time, energy and effort (exactly like a job) or they don’t earn enough to replace their salary. 

But let’s be clear. I’m not saying that online business on its own isn’t the most logical way to replace a salary with a passive income. It’s the right kind of online business, one that applies the three core principles that enables you to replace your 9 to 5 salary with passive income.


I know better than anybody how important it is to escape the 9 to 5 quickly. Once you’ve made up your mind to leave, you’re never going to change your mind. In your head you’ve already gone so every day spent enduring the daily grind of commuting, long hours each week and a job gives you a deeper sinking feeling, just increases the urgency. And the longer you’re there, the more unbearable it becomes, right?

It’s our mission to help others make the transition from trading their time for money to running their own online business. And it’s perfectly achievable for anybody with the commitment and desire to change their situation and start living the life they choose. All you need is a computer, internet connection and the willingness to upskill and develop yourself. All the training, education, guidance and community support you need to create a thriving future with an online business. Because you won’t escape the 9 to 5 with most passive income streams…

Have you learned any get rich quick lessons in the past? Share your thoughts or experience in the comments below.

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